released February 14, 2007



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The Fig Mints (of Your Imagination) Utica, New York

The Fig Mints (of Your Imagination) is some guy named Bobby Rogan. When not playing songs written by someone else, he prefers to write his own for what it’s worth, and has recorded nine albums and one EP of (mostly) original material inspired by youthful indiscretion; severe anxiety attacks; heavy drinking; and of course, girls. Sprinkle a little self-loathing in there, and you get what you hear. ... more

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Track Name: A Thoughtful Frown
You stick in the mud, you stuck around
Just to see the boredom behind our eyes as they glazed over.

And you watch with a thoughtful frown.
Something is up when you're being held down.

Your pickled pride prevents you from listening
And all those who chose to stand aside
Will not stay long.

And you were right, you had to be.
You ran away without saying anything to me.

Controlling parties have shifted,
But blame remains the same.

And over, and over again.
Track Name: No Whiz Kid
It'll never get any more awkward than this.
The facts of the matter are easy to miss
When you can't keep it up cos you couldn't slow it down when you know you needed time to yourself.

And oh, can't you feel yourself coming undone?
And oh, it's not everything that you tried to make it,
But nothing ever is, and you're no whiz kid.
Track Name: Like Brownish Skies
We kept it all together through the sun and snow and stormy nights,
And it felt all right.
But never mind the weather; to keep a straight face took a lot of concentration,
Not to mention just a little spite.
But it made perfect sense at the time.
And long after we split, the sun still shines.

I'll mumble through my humble, jumbled thoughts and contrived point of view,
And hope you don't catch on.
I'm pouring drinks form boring bottles, barking up a different tree.
And I can't wait 'til you leave, but that's just me.
Cos nothing is for sure, and that's what counts.
When words are all you need, they don't come out.

I'll catch up on my sleep, but the sun's too bright to set just yet,
And it's a gorgeous day.
Your eyes, like brownish skies, are gonna save the world.

And I'll fall in line behind a million girls.
Track Name: Isn't That Just Like You?
You came across like a million bucks of taxable income, the tedium
Made you restless, the rain ain't painless, but it's gonna last for now.

And as such, it don't mean much to be up in arms and so dissatisfied,
Your hands are tied, your mouth is running, but it don't know where it's going anymore.

And all that passion is just a fraction of the two-ton weight you've latched yourself on to. And isn't that just like you?

And you'll admit that perfect fit slipped away, but you could say the opposite; and all you'd have to do is turn around and look behind you.
Track Name: Don't Get Me Wrong (I Really Don't Mind at All)
It's too bad, y'know, we had to miss the boat
It would have flipped me upside down to paint the town
With all the colors we'd create, just by being on the same page.

Don't get me wrong, you know I really don't mind at all, but it felt like
You led me on, I know you didn't, but you did
And I know that that was not your true intention

Yesterday was just too beautiful a day to drive away
I wish I stayed, but I had things to do, and you had things to do
And they didn't have much to do with one another.

There's a fantastic fantasy behind the awkward silence
Reality triumphs and weighs you down again

Don't get me wrong, you know I really don't mind at all, but it felt like
You led me on, I know you didn't, but you did
And I know that that was not your true intention

But that's no reason not to tell me that you love me anymore.
Track Name: Shout "Eureka!"
They're singing songs, and waking up so elated
Looking at the floor to see feet so firmly planted
They don't move around anymore.

Had a longer night than ever there was a day
And it's understood just what to do about it
You gotta wait around a little more...

Perfectly aloof, and lackadaisical up to a point
You're underestimated
Cos you don't wait around anymore.

And when you finally come around, you may shout "Eureka!"
And through all this feeling down,
It's so good to see you, my friend.
Track Name: Feeling So Okay
It's a long, cold, snowy sort of season.
It's a lot to take in all at once when you don't want to be listening, anyway.

It takes a lot of sticking to it to believe it when you're not sure what you mean by what you're saying anymore.

And it don't make sense why you're feeling so okay.

And there ain't no conversation anyway,
So what else is there to say?
You paid to play, but you're in the way
And your wasted days won't wipe your smile away.
Track Name: A Thousand Tired Words
Think of what you're thinking
You had your chance to do no wrong, but that's all gone.
There comes a time
When you just sit back, collect your due
I'll take what's coming to me
Just as long as you don't bring it up again.

The heat is off
And the leaves came crashing down with the sound of a thousand tired words
Ain't no point in making points when everyone would agree.
Between the lines
You can't pass up a chance to laugh at yourself.
What a unique opportunity to see you're not as smart as anyone believed.
Track Name: There She Goes Again (Again)
I hope your luck will change
I hope you catch your wave
I know you'll ride into the sun

I've lost that rode before
There is no map for this
All you can do is stumble on

And that's just the way it goes
And that's just the way it flows
And here's hoping you feel better next time

I've tried the protest sink
The tide, it carried me
And washed me over the line

There is no destiny
It's all coincidence
Whether you're snuffed out, or shine

And that's just the way it goes
And that's just the way it flows
But that shows it can get better in time

You've got demons, they are rioting inside, you see
There is no kung-fu can eliminate them easily
LIfe's a bitch, and when she wants to blow, she really blows
And there she goes
And there she goes
And there she goes again, again

We've all got demons, but we deal with them so differently
You could see a shrink, she'll give you lots of drugs for free
Life's a bitch, don't think she likes the sound of harmony
And there she goes
And there she goes
And there she goes again, again
Track Name: You're the Kingpin
Oftentimes you'll find me wasted
Making hasty wake-up calls to arms
Two eyes we have, it's too bad
We have not the will to look around

The notion of forward motion is easy to look back upon
Before the realization hits that all along you were full of shit
And oh, how these things can turn around.

And luckily it worked out well
For those who kept it to themselves
You are the kingpin now,
And you won't find me less impressed than this.
Track Name: Do What You Will
Say what you want
Be who you gotta be
Do what you will to me.

It's such a simple way to go
And I hate to love ya, baby
I could say that's not gonna change, but nothing ever stays the same.

I felt so down and out.
Gotta clear the air somehow.

My memory's shot
I almost forgot
How well we get along, and how good you look to me.

Cos all the love that you bring
And all those songs that you sing
Always meant so much to me.

Wish I could show a little self-restraint
It's all your fault, anyway.
Track Name: Go, Little Girl
You don't stick around
You know just where to go
And every time you're here
I get a chill just looking at your face
But go little girl
You won't let nobody tell you where to be.

You let me in, I stuck it out, and now every time I think about you,
I could die, and that would be all right

You're always first in line to blow my mind
And that's the way it's gonna stay
But I know that's just not enough
For your to stay, your beauty would waste away

So go, little girl
You know exactly where you need to be.