Bad Choice Brigade

by The Fig Mints (of Your Imagination)



Originally released in 2005. More concise and streamlined, but lacking the experimentation of the first two records. Smally’s favorite. The first album that actually got noticed by more than a few.


released July 8, 2005

Bobby wrote and played everything except for when Lucas Humann played a guitar solo and sang on track 3; Jenny Penny played drums on track 6; and The Real Burnouts played percussion on track 7.



all rights reserved


The Fig Mints (of Your Imagination) Utica, New York

The Fig Mints (of Your Imagination) is some guy named Bobby Rogan. When not playing songs written by someone else, he prefers to write his own for what it’s worth, and has recorded nine albums and one EP of (mostly) original material inspired by youthful indiscretion; severe anxiety attacks; heavy drinking; and of course, girls. Sprinkle a little self-loathing in there, and you get what you hear. ... more

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Track Name: These Heavy Days
You got a place to go
I know you're not alone, but don't stay away long.
Nearly immune to gloom
Your smile lights up the darkest room, so stick around.

So eloquently stated
Poetry's overrated, anyway.
Your passion's understated
Conscious thought's outdated
And these heavy days were made to weigh you down.

You want what you got.
You have just what you hold.
Your lips move soft and cautious.
The words come out like autumn:
Cool comfort after summer's hazy days.

So gracefully inconsistent.
You'll never be unwanted
With all your friends around you.
The more you live, the more you learn
These heavy loads are easily cast away.
Track Name: What I Already Knew
It's warm in December, it's cold in July, I've got mud in my eye
Cos you weren't there to warn me
Of the oncoming onslaught of awkward exchanges
I'm deranged, and I'm changing my perspective to try and see
What's beyond me
A chance to be free
You've got nothing on me
And I'm pickled in whiskey and truth serum.

And I'll stomp on the brakes, cos they're the only thing that works
And I feel like a jerk for being so understanding
And I don't understand much 'til the fourth time around
That's the real charm, I've found
Does it belong on your bracelet?

And I'm sitting here drinking and thinking so fast that my brain is like a strobe light moving backwards
I was getting my hopes up
Then I woke up and figured out just what I already knew
And I'm thinking of you almost every damn second
And all I can say is when I'm lost, I just keep going straight.
Track Name: Garage Sale Season
Long live garage sale season, salad days, and evil ways
Hats off to unborn concept record breaking lows
We keep an awkward conversation just a word away
It's taking shape, it's hard to see

God bless pretentious contradictory mess and the self-obsessed
I hear they make a lot of friends
Make way for the underpaid and overworked bad choice brigade
Most times the sky looks dark and ominous.
Track Name: Our Spaced-out Savior
The sun's gonna set tonight
Behind the brewery, alright.
Living it up, and writing it down
Taking my glasses off; baby don't frown

Just act your age, but don't get too serious
Walking that tightrope can make you delirious
Remain sane, and maybe the trip will be worth it.

Vampire bats and satanic preteens
Are hanging out next to the soda machines
Last summer, a bummer, but seasons do change
Like all other nouns except minimum wage

In the train station with pain medication
Alright, alright, we'll stay in tonight
But I should say that tomorrow's the day
I'll remain sane no longer
Track Name: It's Too Hard To Do That
You could find a new home away from the endless drone
But it's too easy to say that it's too hard to do that.
So try to make the best of a bad decision, pick up the pieces
Of your broken heart, and think fast.

You're right, I'm wrong
I'm too far gone

It don't take much to lose a lot.
It's hard to get much of that wasted time back and keep your self-
respect intact.

Keep it simple; keep it straight.
It's too hard to play it safe.
Track Name: Fictional Friction
The friction is all fiction
Walk like you talk, but don't trip on your walking shoes
You might find your brittle little mind cracking up before its time's up, and you without the glue...

Getting over your hormonal hangover
Cos you can't stimulate yourself intellectually.
Take a number, getting dumber by the second, and your good looks alone won't get you on T.V.

And when you get here, try to think clear
Do what you want, but don't say what you're gonna do
And if you need help, get it somewhere else
Look at yourself, but don't let on what you see
Track Name: Don't It Figure?
It came as quite a surprise
To see the girls and guys we used to know
Take off their disguises so we'd see
Their eyes weren't blue at all.

But different color eyes aside,
They're still the same old friends we knew
And all the things they do
Still familiar, it's true
But that's not even half of it.

They peeled back their brains to show
All the things we didn't know
But who are we to say
They told the truth, anyway?

And after all the seasons changed
A brand new year, and they're out of range
Our voices don't reach that far up

And there's no explanation for
How they disappeared before our eyes
They made it look so easy
We move up and down but never out

They peeled back their brains to show
All the things we didn't know
But who are we to say
They told the truth, anyway?

We're dragging heavy feet down the road
With our heavy hearts in tow
The world don't get any bigger
And don't that just figure?
Track Name: Get Out, Stay Out
They say to have your way takes time
And lots of trying
Get up
Get out, stay out, don't pout
Our will is stout for now

The raised up fur flies fast for some
But it won't last for long

The way she smiles turns heads for miles
And I'll come clean, there are times
I wish for more than smiles

With pride so easily cast aside
The things we take in stride
Never end up outside

Get outside
Track Name: Your Fingers and Toes
Cheer up! Jeez...

With wingspan so tiny, you could take your sweet time
He won't take your sweet mind off the door.
It comes and it goes, but your fingers and toes
Cannot find their way across the floor.

And they made a likeness of you
To show to their offspring, and keep up with offering up services
In exchange for a fresh point of view.

So if you're upset, you could make a sure bet that it's all due to something I said.

But if I'm proven wrong, maybe you'll come along, and we could be good friends once again...
Track Name: Three Cheers For Good Cheer
Someone shouted,
"Summer's getting old!"
They scream from rooftops
Like they're in control

Morning sunshine
I feel like waking up
Have a good time
Send a postcard home

For good cheer
I'll always be here

Slapping hands away
Don't mean to bore ya
There's gonna be a day

For good cheer
Like we had last year