Checkout Scouts (For Life​!​) - Demo

by The Fig Mints (of Your Imagination)



From whatever comes next...


Scoping out the secret societies
Flipping off the feeble minded super-functional families
We've all traded off; some traded up, and some others have faded out

Forgive all the auto correct piety
And never once assume that I would object to autocracy
But living alone is a curse all it's own
when you're the only one left to doubt

And if the Other Option agrees with you
Bask in the breath of the fatalist until it hits
A chord so unnerving that those undeserving
will fall upon their swords and pray

For life
With arms wide as Christ's

The Checkout Scouts are just dying to know what you're thinking
They know what to do, but they ain't coming through
'Til you sign on the line and smile

For life!

Forget me now, but figure out how the frowns found a way
to be so fertile

Did they water down your smile?
I'll bet they bought our laughter, too

You can't run
But you can hide

For life!


released March 21, 2017



all rights reserved


The Fig Mints (of Your Imagination) Utica, New York

The Fig Mints (of Your Imagination) is some guy named Bobby Rogan. When not playing songs written by someone else, he prefers to write his own for what it’s worth, and has recorded nine albums and one EP of (mostly) original material inspired by youthful indiscretion; severe anxiety attacks; heavy drinking; and of course, girls. Sprinkle a little self-loathing in there, and you get what you hear. ... more

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